About Event

Agrovision is central India’s biggest exhibition showcasing wide range of farm practices and food processing technology, Agri Machinery, Fertilizers & Pesticides, products, services and technology in Agriculture and allied sectors etc.Agrovision was started under the aegis of the father of green revolution Prof.M.S. Swaminathan.

Another unique feature of Agrovision is the workshops conducted by the experts in the local languages on various subjects attended by thousands of progressive farmers. It helps them learn new technologies increasing crop productivity and help them in their livelihood.

Agrovision is now collaborating with KASSIA which has been representing the small scale industries of Karnataka for the past 64 years and is supported by the Department of Agriculture, Government of Karnataka.

Agrovision South is conceptualised by the Experts, Scientists, Farmers and the Industry Captains. The event is aimed at boosting farm productivity, enhance farmer’s income and explore the opportunity in the food processing industry.